I don't need "entertaintment" in a classical sence of the word-I get it for free by letting creative misfits to "camp out" in my studio. All one has to do is to watch-people bring with them high drama, circus, poetry, most amazing off the grid news and truly crazy ideas of just about everything.

Now I understand why aristocrats used to give hospitality to wanderers for centuries and it astonishes me that people who have means don't follow their example. Could it be because they fear to touch reality with bare hands? But then again-isn't it more scary not to touch it at all?


Checking email messages in the morning is quite a problem. One

friend resolved it by improvising an "internet cafe" under my dress" in progress". Why not-seemed to work for him...


Lighting a candle at night in the window to indicate the road for lost travellers and lost souls is an ancient tradition.






View of the coutyard from the fire escape. In summer, till late there are people socializing all night long.They spend a lot of money on a rather questionable quality food and alcohol. Outside, many homeless people sleep on old, thrown out mattrasses...


As for me...

Sleeping in the hammack is a rather spartan way of resting, but I came to like it while camping. Like so many people, I don't know how to make knots properly, but luckily I know someone who does. As they say, "It's not what you know, it's whom you know!!!" True as ever...






























The studio is saturated with bright sun light, that's why it is difficcult to take a decent picture of it during the daytime.

All the furniture can be easily folded and tacked away. In fact, it is re-arranged every few days. Probably that's the reason why my studio tends to attract visitors who are always on the move. Frequently they take over my space like a flock of birds.

True protagonist of my studio is the relationship of light and sound.The quality of silence in the morning is that of a devastated island after the hurricane has passed it over.

Someone has dumped a sofa right in front of a "cool" bar... much appreciated and frequently used by the homeless people.

It is difficcult to say who is more lost and desolate-the homeless looking for a place where to faint or the partying crowd. One has to be truly lost to pay money for the "privilege" of getting into a noisy room where one has to scream to be heard, to be hit by a hammering, deafening music, to systematically dull one's brain...I always look in wonder at people who consider all this as "fun". It would be great to povide an alternative, to "occupy" a corner and show my artwork, but all corners are occupied by people engaged in a wide variety of self -destructive behaviour.