Proposal for a vacation.

All of us are more or less obedient screws of a crazy, self-destructive mechanism.

Becoming conscious of it is not enough by itself; nor is it enough to keep informed about the facts; solar

panels, “organic “ food and hydrogen machines are quick fixes, they won't change much.

True answers lie within paradoxes.

To act today means to stop and reflect. Compulsive doing, participating, interacting in any way with the

ever escalating neurotic rat race will only bring disastrous results.

Detach yourself , get disconnected, become unreachable!!!

Ironically, the less one is connected to every day life, the better.


Alas, few people can afford it. Our society is organized in such a way that moments of solitude, silence,

wild and uninhabited spaces, as well as any true contact with nature, have turned into a luxury enjoyed

mostly by those who are responsible for the disastrous state in which the world is at the moment.

Places where one could experience nature and beauty in the company of other human beings in a

creative, non consumer way are rare, difficult to find.

By saying “no” to the mentality of consumption and mindlessly escalating productivity, one will end up in

an area outside the modern reality, beyond the poisoned atmosphere. Those are the necessary

conditions to begin re-creating livable space.

Since human beings must nourish themselves with something (spiritually and physically), since they

need to breathe, every moment of "fasting", of detachment, should be used to recreate the sound human,

cultural, physiological atmosphere so as to return one's mental and physical health.

Everything that exists outside of the closed space is beneficial: the taste of wild plants, the taste of

rainwater, daily contact with fire, long hours devoted to observation of the sky, both day and night ,

sincere interest towards human beings, animals, insects and plants, exercises which boost one's self


When present day's cultural atmosphere is polluted, one should search in the past and in future:

healthy life forms recovered through the stories of the elderly, (wise story tellers), in the dreams put to

sunlight, discussed, improved and offered to others as precious gifts, celebrated by the new rites.

We begin by changing things gently, in the company of people who want to improve themselves by

detaching themselves for a couple of weeks from the world of consumerism where everything, including

human relations, is purely utilitarian.

The situation proposed will unite people that do not wish to color their existence merely with food,

objects, and stories of wonderful experiences lived by others, but freely exchange knowledge, create

together for pure desire to do so, consult and participate in the true life of the place while studying the

social and ethnic diversity directly, without middlemen.

Freedom, equality, fraternity are the conditions needed to experience healthy connections.

A promice, once given, must be maintained.

All are equal: no one should serve anyone.

There are no masters who "manage" the experience. The guide connecting people eager to disconnect

from the existing system, should only bring people into proposed situations; the guide is not be confused

with the animator of the tourist village.

It is up to the disconnected to turn into reality wonderful possibilities hidden in every proposed

experience. "Leaders" are common purpose and rules to be respected, agreed by all participants before

they come into contact.

Much will be left to chance: there is no programme to be followed or a purpose to be achieved. The goal

is: breathing atmosphere. The purpose is true existence. Only the succession of events combined at

individual will can give the concrete to the desired.

Spaces, located in beautiful places, are provided by the owners specially for the occasion.

Groups are small, consisting of very different people. Besides young people will be elderly or

handicapped, couples with children will find themselves alongside convinced singles, the wealthy will rub

shoulders with the poor, ambitious will face those who are utterly deprived of it.
Making small experiments of social character, agreed upon beforehand, we can find innovative solutions

not through protests or long debates, but by trying to adopt new attitudes towards the usual problems.

It is not certain that things will work out, it is not sure that the results will be the ones that one expected.

They may be thousand times better, although they may differ from what one imagined.

In any case, one of the most effective ways to change society is to change ourselves.

To mend the ozone hole are not enough anti-smog rules, bicycle lanes and "organic"jam.

The atmosphere can be regenerated only by a great desire and concrete effort to live healthy life, and can

remain such by pure breath of free and happy human beings.

Let's begin to get to know each other.