A Jewish woman living in Eastern Europe pleads with her rabbi to tell her how to fix her life: "I and my husband are poor, we have six children and have to take care of my dear old father. We live in a hovel, everyone is sick all the time and there is no path to improvement. Things couldn't be worse. What can I do?"

Rabbi says: "Buy a goat."

Woman says: "But surely, rabbi, our problems will not be relieved by this? A goat? You jest with me!"

Rabbi reiterates: "I have given you sound advice. Take it."

Woman buys goat, brings it home and enters a living hell. The goat eats their food, wrecks everything and craps in their house. Things are still horrible, but now they're a mess as well.

Woman asks rabbi again: "What do I do now?"

Rabbi says: "Sell the goat."


Travelers looking for unusual accommodations can choose form a variety of rooms where the domesticity has been substituted for a "a picturesque experience". Living side by side with a goat is a pale experience compared to living side by side with University students. The proposed experience will give you a perspective on your life, making you appreciate things which you now take for granted. For those wishing to understand something about new generations, this is a must.

Room #1






Bookshelves have been turned into beds, now acquiring a double function:bedshelf