Many conversations and ideas which began at Serendipity have been developed elsewhere.

Chris, Segi and Kun Woo decided to make a small movie about a steet musician who is trying to raise money for a marriage license by busking.

Chris had the idea to play on the sidewalk while Kun Woo drew with chalk.

two friendsbasking



An unlucky spot...so they move on to find better place.

kensington market

More attention, but still no money. . .


. . . but now Keon Woo has had his first taste of street art.

Chris has found at the "Serendipity Space" a place where to stay.

Back to childhoood,


Chris has learned how to make little paper sculptures:

He began to work on making his dream tent a reality.

Godfrey has discovered the taste of Gefilte fish, his favorite dish now.

He also found an exing collaboration with an independent filmmaker.

My very elegant mother, generally sceptical of my capacity to

understand fashion, even tried on one of my sweaters:


If beforeTony expressed his anger by throwing objects down the stairs, now he got a taste for making and enjoying art.

Ron has pulled out his furniture from storage and made an attempt to restore it,

cleaning up a few square meters of courtyard full of litter.

Allan managed to transform temporarily the hall into a bike repair shop:


Ladies in the shop across the street who before would not even spek to me got" inspired" by us for their window decoration:

As for me...