In the cities what is really lacking is a connection to the sky. It feels like something distant and unreal. Attention is diverted from it by countless insignificant signs. I always thought that rooftops would be perfect surfaces for Serendipity Spaces, but they are closed to the public with the excuse of protecting people from falling down.

One of my friends happened to rent a house downtown with three flat rooftops. They towered above each other like the gigantic stairs of a Greek theatre, creating a potential elevated outdoor stage for the puzzled subway crowd. A performance space under the open sky, with high visibility to a crowd constrained to waiting, made them particularly appealing.

As I enthusiastically ennumerated great things which could be done on these rooftops, my friend listened with astonishment. His imagination did not extend beyond the idea of putting up a sign advertising his business there. He listened on, becoming more and more thoughtful, then pulled out second copy of keys and mumbled, "Let's see what you will do with it..."

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