You never know what you will find.

Once I was looking for Stefy at the pick up center, and instead found Maria, a housewife who was having troubles with her husband, and waiting for an appointment with a social worker.

She told me that she was from South America. Just to be social, I said that I would like to learn how to dance.

"I will teach you!" she exclaimed readily. Having a place around the corner to practice was helpful.

sinderella's shoe

Stefy and some other friends joined in, and suddenly a bleak day was transformed into a beautiful time full of laughter.


My teacher insisted that I learn how to sway my hips "sexy" while dancing and according to her I got it 80 per cent right from the first time.

"If you will continue to practice every day by Christmas you will be perfect!"she reassured me. Stefy , being very religious, did not seem thrilled about that idea.



A few hours earlier, my teacher was crying, desperate and lost in her personal drama. Being able to teach us helped her to step out from her suffering. Maybe a good way to deal with despair is to place people in a situation where they can do something they like, that gives them self-respect and a feeling of importance? As for me, the last thing on Earth that interested me was South American dances.



Even while dancing, Stefy had to introduce religious elements into her movements.

Unexpectedly,she broke into a dance full of religious symbolism.

It had nothing to do with Latin dances, but my teacher hushed me, "She is having an inspiration!"


I discovered that Latin dances are fun in a context that contains a strong paradox.

What appears shallow and vulgar in a Discotheque has a totally different look as another capricious twist of daily serendipity...


reaching for the moon