First "sketches" of an Art Gallery on Wheels which is being developed into a Sculptural Work at the moment.


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To Cycle & Recycle

A pedal-powered mobile gallery on which to display artworks and which stresses ecological themes(many of artworks already exhibited have been created from so-called garbage art, or waste materials)offers plenty of opportunities for artists from small or large communities world over... New visual works (many of them using video and wireless technology) will be especially created. The Art is displayed on the contraption - a sculptural work in itself. The "cycling Art Gallery" can be emulated anywhere, anyhow, by anyone.

Today, public consciousness of the importance to recycle is increasing. Our kids are part of this cycle.And while the karmic wheel of life predestines our fate as a species - in death and rebirth - it would be nice to postpone our sell-by date. After all, our recycled lives depend on that. Mayan civilization could not prevent its own collapse, and consensus today is we're likely to face the same fate. But if Mayans couldn't pedal themselves out of the environmental hole they dug themselves in, we can. In the 'wheel' lies the new enviro-egalitarian people's revolution:

A "Garbage Art" Gallery on a bicycle which circulates in the streets refusing to be confined to art galleries frequented only by elite.

The Art Gallery's purpose is to take immediate, radical action so as to prevent worldwide environmental collapse, and to bring this message directly to ordinary people in the streets where they live and work.

To expose only artwork which offers new ideas and visions.

Lada Alekseychuk , first biking experience.