Acceptance of instability opens many amazing opportunities.

In this case, I was given free access to a large exhibit space in downtown Toronto. Within a few days, a retail space which was vacant for a year was transformed into a local point of reference, where people could drop in any time, discuss a wide variety of subjects, make new friends and learn about reuse of salvaged materials


Not a penny was spent on decoration.

Everything that I needed was donated by my neighbours, and many people gave me their help to transform the space.



"Mari Mossi"has traveled all over Europe, and now it has occupied the entire wall.


Creative re-use.

  The jacket is embellished with white pieces of leather, the pants with bits of lace, leftovers from a neighbouring shop which just went out of business. A dirty old carpet covered with pieces of silk recovered from the same shop looks so "cool"and "funky" that visitors often ask in disbelief "Can we walk on that?".

Smaller size collages were used to decorate the window.


Why do the windows of shops only display things? I turned it into a small art studio.

The main space.

My wardrobe.

Why should clothing be hung in a closet? It is a great decoration.


Just a few objects used in an unusual manner can radically modify an anonymous office space.