Welfare bachelors are time millionaires. They are the truly privileged men and women who can cultivate their interests and develop their abilities. Those who use free time well are fun to be around. This group of people is a potential gold mine which is badly mismanaged today.


High costs of maintaining welfare recipients in a society that is heading for a recession with an ever shrinking job market.


Rent or hire a welfare bachelor as one of the following:

1. playmate

2. person who embellishes your household in a variety of positive ways on temporary basis

3. person who turns household upside down in a variety of ....crazy ways creating fun problems on temporary basis.

Possible groups who could benefit from such a service are:

1. Single career women without children.

2. Widowers

3. Individuals who suffer solitude after a divorce.

3. People who feel that their life is too structured and predictable.

4. Institutions (law offices specializing in divorce, burial houses, churches and synagogues) who wish to propose a creative solution as an extra service to their clients who are going through an emotional trauma .

Welfare offices could make use of a treasure to which they have free access by creating a vast database which would connect on human level extremes of society which badly need each other and which have few chances of meeting otherwise. It should also make use of psychiatrists so as to create a psychological profile of clients offered in order to insure that people with psychological problems and criminal elements do not mix with a crowd of fun people.

Such a service would:

1. cut down costs of maintenance of welfare recipients.

2. help government make money: many career women can afford and would even take pride in being able to pay for a similar service. The same is true about many independently wealthy people who are going through changes in their marital life.

3. help businesses survive in times of recession. If most book shops have a coffee shop incorporated into their structure, why should not a divorce lawyer try to offer an answer to chilling solitude of a person who has lost a beloved one?

4. insure that criminal elements or people with bad psychological problems are not offered to public as illuminated welfare bachelors.




EXAMPLE # 1: Mr.T.

Age: 40

Born in Newfoundland, Canada.

Residence: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Occupation: Full time child.

Languages spoken: English.

Occupation desired: wants to be hired as a playmate-child.

Trevor is available as a single individual or as part of a package of people all of whom spend most of their time having fun.

Abilities: plays flute, snake charming drums, contact juggling, unicycle, spinning fire, rock climbing, numerous manual skills( building houses, fixing domestic household problems), snow skate boarding, rock climbing , throwing knives at moving targets , rock walking healing.

Hobbies: teaches people how to balance things and how o acquire various native healing techniques (bare foot rock walking in winter and vibration healing).

Particularities: can' t stand the sight of TV nor the sound of a radio, loves sweets of all kind, especially coconut pies.

Preferred place: the Beeches, Toronto, Canada

If you wish to be added to the welfare bachelors database or to hire a welfare bachelor, please contact me by email : lada.alekseychuk@yahoo.ca