Serendipity Space rooftop was a perfect location for an outdoor theatre or a garden. In most big cities, downown spaces available to the artist are scarce, while green spaces are constantly diminishing due to developers's greed. Arts help people to stay healthy spiritually, while gardens have the same effecton a physical level. Because of an excessively utilitarian approach to life, both are being pushed off the scene. Rooftops could turn into emergency landings for positive activities which do not generate money.

Unfortunately, there are many rigid rules that make usage of the rooftops impossible. Unless the owner is willing to spend a lot of money to create an iron fence around his rooftop, he breaks the law even if he steps out to have a breath of fresh air. One can imagine how many legal issues come up when the general public is involved

Due to passivity in front of an unreasonable law, thousands of beautiful places are being waisted. If we consider the negative effect that thousands of overheated rooftops have upon the city atmosphere in the summer, one begins to realise that present laws are not only harmful but even criminal. Throughout history, and even now, many populations have been using flat rooftops for meetings, for collecting water, for drying plants and preparing food and for tinting clothing. No one ever fell down. Of numerous guests I have invited, none have suffered any discomfort, none got even a scratch, let alone serious injury, yet what we were doing was prohibited by law.

Government programs which are supposed to promote environmental change usually approach innovation with a caution that makes change impossible. One would wish to be left alone to deal with problems as they come. Neither a spiritual or physical atmosphere can become healthy from constant monitoring. Nothing great can be accomplished until human beings are treated as responsible adults.


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