Visions? Spells? Dreams? These things do not fit into the box, so they have been ignored by the people in power. And yet there is no way to deny that every reality begins with a vision, an idea, a dream.

For over a century human beings have been bombarded by negative visions in art. Through movies, songs, paintings, sleazy “weirdness” of every sort and violence have been released in an unprecedented torrent of negativity. Light, happy imagination capable of generating new positive visions to be turned into reality is a true answer to an upcoming energy crisis.

Visionsof light can not come from shallow, pleasing, decorative art; nor can they come from disturbed minds of madmen.

Happy visionaries are a very rare and the most endangered species, yet they are the ones who are the most promising alternative energy of the future. Happy visionaries are the source of pure energy which simply has to be given space to dream happily.

Dreaming is a complex activity. A full time dreamer has many peculiar needs which have to be provided for by the society.

Search for alternative energies should by no means be limited to narrow specialists' offices. Everyone should participate in the search so as to come up with a new positive vision of a more healthy way of being.

Visions are important because they give a total picture, propose a way of organizing society socially, rather than coming up with a quick fix or a new gadget.

A series of splendid gadgets idolized and used without a positive vision of society has brought us to our current state of things. To get out of it we have to get to the root of the problem. The soaring price of fuel is merely a symptom of a malfunctioning organism. New energies will be revealed by great visions, as a detail of the whole and not as a separate issue.





Madness, just like old age, is a human condition which is at the same time problematic and full of possibilities.

Today madness is treated as merely a sickness to be suppressed by drugs. It is a sickness, but it is also a valuable asset which is being wasted. That's not to say that madness by itself is a creative wealth.

Is oil or gas hidden deep in land a useful fuel as such? Are the sun's rays or the wind by themselves a fuel? The answer is “no”. So just as any other energy madman's creativity has to be “extracted” and “purified”.

Being one of the most toxic energies that exists, psychological purifiers have to be installed from the very beginning, otherwise we risk to end up with another Hitler or Stalin.

Unlike other fuels no sophisticated machinery is needed here, but :

1.Well intentioned , talented people who understand madmen's twisted psychological patterns of thinking and who will serve as adapters do in electricity, ensuring that madman's thinking arrives at the source.

2. A well thought out and tested social system of rewards and punishments which would be both rigid and flexible at the same time. It would insure that minus plus minus would arrive at a plus, rather than at an enormous, incorrigible minus.

3. Easy, instant access to ideas generated by people whose minds are subject to obsessive creative thinking which would be available to professionals. The latter group tends to possess limited creativity but has the capacity to follow through on projects, bringing them to a successful end.

4. A less rational approach to a phenomenon of madness. Cataloging the irrational brain's patterns of pathological behavior is important, but not enough to understand its complexity. Our society has to recognize the value and give space to the irrational. Rather than being afraid of it and trying to suppress it, we should treat it as an alternative creative energy.